Created in 1930, Electra Sud-Ouest started with the audio transformers and became an expert in every type of industrial transformers realization. It uses all its knowledge to study and create the transformers and their applications. Its performance abilities allow it to create every prototypes or series, in standard or specific

First workshop

Sauveur ESPI created the workshop at Alger.

Our first transformers

The company settled at Edith Cavell street and starts to make electrical transformers.

Arrival in Toulouse

The company settled in Toulouse and changed its name for Electra Sud-Ouest.

Elisabeth Espinosa

Elisabeth Espinosa joined the company.

Sainte Catherine street

The company settled at Sainte Catherine street.

Eric Espinosa joined ESO

Eric Espinosa joined the company and created the commercial service.

Toroidal transformers

The company moved to Michel Ange street and started to make toroidal transformers.

Company buyout Magnetic

Company buyout Magnetic and move to a modern factory of 1000m² in the Gabardie ZAC.

Tests laboratory

Creation of a tests laboratory.

Integration into the GEI group

Integration into the GEI group.

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